Eye Tracking
in Virtual Reality

Reduce cost of research

Save on production costs by testing your product or service before physically building it.

Investigate more scenarios

Switch between multiple scenarios and visual stimuli in the blink of an eye. Repeatedly.

Analyse more metrics

Track and learn from how the users interact with the product, walk through the space and more.

Environment in VR
EyeTrackerStudio™ Software
Behavioral Research in VR

EyeTrackerStudio™ Software

EyeTrackerStudio™ lets you track eye movement in virtual reality for evaluation of areas of interest.

  • Tracks participant's eye movement or physiological data
  • Reconstructs simulation retrospectively
  • Quickly replaces simulation details (position, size, surfaces)

 See it in action

In-app analysis of a tracked car clinic session


Shopper Research
Car Clinic
Architecture & Design

EyeTrackerStudio™ Features

Eye tracking metrics are calculated automatically and are available for analysis of all the objects in the environment.

Fixation Count

What and how many objects were seen?

Duration of fixation

For how long were the objects seen?

Time to First Fixation

How long did it take to see the objects the first time?

In-app analysis of a tracked public safety session
Walk-through of the EyeTrackerStudio™

Walk-through of the EyeTrackerStudio™

Watch Mirek walk through the app to see how easy it is to operate.

 Watch demo

Behavioral Research in Virtual Reality

As a behavioral research agency with over 6 years of experience, we can show you how the customers understand your product or service. You will see what your customers see and learn how they feel about their experience whilst engaging with your product and service.

Learn about our research →

Behavioral Research in Virtual Reality
Shopper research of retail shelf plans

Virtual Reality Environment

We can put your product into any environment you'd like to test; or build a complete virtual reality experience for your use case.
If you have your own VR environment, you can still use EyeTrackerStudio™ software.


Virtual Reality Environment
Virtual environment of city street for public safety research

Virtual Reality Research

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