Improving Car Infotainment and HMI

30. 01. 2019
Understanding driver's attention is essential for improving car infotainment and HMI


Driving of a car seems to be easier, the car itself warns of possible hazards and driver's attention is paid more to car infotainment. In smart cars the infotainment offers more and more features and applications. In automotive industry the best-known innovator is Tesla. Tesla with the huge dashboard touchscreen, Autopilot, the smartphone app, over-the-air updates, and classic Atari video games to keep you entertained while charging the battery.

We ran an Eye Tracking user testing on the road, not in the new Tesla, but in the older BMW and we have found out how is the driver's attention paid to the road and to the infotainment. 

Driver was equiped with eye tracking glasses and given specific tasks.

Of course we can not run infotainment testing in the real road traffic, that's forbidden. But we can run infotainment research in various controlled environments or in virtual reality and ensure that infotainment features and applications are user-friendly, intuitive, simple, and the driver can safely use them on the road.

Author: UX Focus


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