How to control the UX work of the agency that creates your website

14. 10. 2016
Why is it a good idea to remember a clause about third-party evaluation of developed website and why to add it into the contract with digital agency?


The answer to this question is very clear to companies that did not care about the development of their website until they found out after a few months after launch that the results of the agency's work were not transfered in hard numbers, and the helpline is under the inundation of countless technical queries about a new website.

Reasons may be several. The content of the website or its structure may not be comprehensible to the customer, and it may happen that site visitors are irrelevant. You can avoid most problems by UX (user experience) testing of developed website as early as possible in the development phase and above all on the target audience of the website users.

It is not a test as a test. No one else will give you better feedback on the product than the user itself, which is definitely not an agent of the agency that develops the product, its actually vice versa. These people, despite being professionals in their field, cannot impartially evaluate their product, in practice it is called professional blindness.

If you want a good website, test it on the target audience, and if you want a great web site, test wit eye tracking , which in addition to site performance metrics (visible user problems, time on task) validates website business metrics (such as design impact, attractiveness or interest in website content).

Eye tracking in UX testing allows you to detect invisible problems and higher amount of problems visible via observations, in addition with lower test samples. Ultimately, it is time saving. In the end, be sure to invite your colleagues, who are involved in the development of the website, to live viewing of user testing , as they will no longer forget how important user experience is to their customers.

As a client, you will have an insurance, that your invested money in development are used as efficiently as possible, and the agency will be able to truly adapt the product to the needs and expectations of future or existing users, which is one of the reasons why you have hired the agency.

Author: Miroslav Suchý, UX Focus


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