UX ResearchUsability testing, Workshops, Eye tracking

See through the users’ eyes  

How it works
We will show you hands-on what you cannot see in “common” reality. We will make everything available to you in such a way that you will know exactly where your customer focuses their attention in a particular moment, for how long, and what they do after approaching a product.
Make use of these benefits in real time; thanks to our interviewers and their in-depth interviews, you will see beyond what customers say and do.

Improve conversions and product perception

Our solution is suitable for
Smart products (ATM, Infotainment, TV...),
Websites, Smart phones, Tablets,
Applications, Self-service zones,
Software, Forms.

Get answers sooner and decide better

For all development stages
Product before launch
Product on market

Recommendations, not just pretty pictures

 Methods used (often combination)
 Stakeholder workshop
 Focus groups
 Individual interviews
 Ethnography research
 Usability testing
 Eye Tracking

What else we can help you with
Recruitment of participants (target audience)
Viewing facilities
Simultaneous translation
Strategic supervision
User-centered design
Concepts prototyping
Portable lab for research across Europe

What our clients say

We needed to test the concept of online application for one of our products.

Colleagues from UX Focus adapted to our time preference, understood our needs and the consultation was at a professional level.

Methodology in recruiting respondents, facilitation and final report were at a high level.

UX Focus unlike other companies offer utilization of modern technology to better understand customer behavior. Testing becomes more efficient and conclusions more conclusive.

I can recommend cooperation.

Josef Drahokoupil
Client service strategy
ČSOB Pojišťovna, a.s. člen holdingu ČSOB
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