Brand & Media ResearchIn-Depth Interviews, Eye Tracking, Focus Groups

Insights - not just data

How it works
With UX Focus you will see what the customer sees, hear what they think and better understand their emotional response to your brand and media campaigns.

We can also show you what they don’t see!

For example: key messages they have missed, instructions, or key signage. This can be invaluable at early stage development of online and offline communication.

Verify your campaign’s effectiveness

Our solution is suitable for
Online and Offline Media & Advertising
POS & Shelves & Packaging & Shop windows
Retail Experience

Determine your campaign’s effectiveness

In all stages of development
Concept ideation
Selection of concept
Campaign before launch
Campaign on market

Objective results 

Methods used (often a combination)
Focus groups
Individual interviews
Expert interviews
Ethnographic research
Shopper research
Eye Tracking, GSR, EEG

We can also help with
Recruitment of participants
Viewing facilities
Simultaneous translation
Portable lab for research across Europe

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What our clients say

A thorough report with all results from eye-tracking measurement process served us well as a tool which helped us to improve the homepage It was also useful when preparing and choosing the exact location of ads for our own projects.

Through cooperation with UX Focus we managed to make the positioning of our advertising as effective as possible and in line with commercial space and editorial content. This way, all the key elements are working to their full potential.

Petra Hanzelková
Marketing Manager & Web Content Manager
Mafra Media Group
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