Since 2014, we have been on a mission to help create excellent customer experience across all channels through which the key products and services are offered to customers.

Our customer-centric solutions have increased efficiency of sales, marketing, and self-care customer processes in big corporations and middle-sized companies.


To provide businesses with a 360° view of customer experience online and offline. Create solutions whose outputs will enable measuring and recognizing influence of various activities upon individual aspects of customer experience.  Our goal is to start a self-developing spiral of customer-centricity across departments in companies. 


To understand the client’s business targets
To understand product strategy
To evaluate customers’ interactions with touchpoints
Provide the client with executable suggestions
Deliver in time
Provide the client with conclusive data based on high quality research

Meet the co-founders

Eva Zahrádková

"Believe it or not: The customer does (not) make a purchase in the blink of an eye."

After working directly with customers, Eva understood how fast the customers’ buying decision process is. She realized the importance of customers' attention, and this moulded her research philosophy while she was developing products and services. Eye tracking has shifted her attention towards innovations.

Eva is a member of ESOMAR and NMSBA associations

Miroslav Suchý

Miroslav got his engineer’s degree in attention economics at Manchester Metropolitan University and University of Economics in Prague.

Overflow of information combined with attention deficit cause a revolution of our society created by digital transformation of the economy. Brand strategies and technological solutions face complete misunderstanding of customer needs. That’s why Miroslav works with eye tracking. He has validated reliable solution which provides data for the right decisions.

Miroslav gives lectures at colleges and universities and is an external lecturer at UXWell

Our partners

Partnership with companies such as Tobii Pro, ESOMAR, NMSBA or PSC gives us access to the most up-to-date information from the fields of psychology, neuroscience, marketing, design, and innovations.


Your name

Are you interested in working with us for famous brands on interesting projects which have a positive effect on customer experience? Send us your CV and a short letter of application to persuade us why we need you and how you can help us get UX Focus to the next level.

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